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The 4 T's - July 25, 2016

Good morning 

How was your week?

We had a pretty good week with some sadness .The two Investigator(Brothers) who had baptism date yesterday postponed their baptism this week Because the elder brother is suffering from Chicken pox so their father didn't wanted him to take Baptism yesterday and they both wants to be Baptised on same time so they are preparing to take Baptism this Sunday. We are praying that Lord will help him to get out that sickness by this week so that he can be baptised along with his brother.

After a long time we had a Branch missionary activity on Friday. Our BML explained very distinctly , Who are branch missionaries and what are their responsibility. After he was done with that, he surprisingly called me front and asked me to explain how Branch missionaries should fellowship with new Investigators.
It was a surprise call to me but as I went forward suddenly one concept came to my mind. It was like this and I explained it in this way

My concept is 4T's .

There are 4T's how Branch missionaries or any branch member can fellowship with a new Investigators.

1st T = Talk: Talk with new person as much as you can. Introduce yourself to them and let them also know about you.Make them comfortable in church. Be their Friend. Ask them what are they doing, hobby, job, study, family, and home address.

2nd T= Take : Take their phone numbers and let them have your number also. and when you have their number don't just keep it in cell phone , call them at least Two time a week and ask how are they doing and how are their family and do they need nay help from you.Show them you care.

3rd T= Travel : By this time you will already know their home address and phone number so travel to their home at least one in two weeks, this will give you abetter opportunities to know about their families and also invite them to Church.

4th T= Testify : when you visit their home don't simply talk about families and works , Don't ever Forget to Bear you TESTIMONY. Testify about Saviour. Joseph Smith ,Book of Mormon and Blessings of Gospel in your life.And also your conversion story.

I talked about these things in brief but I do not write now.And felt pretty Good about this 4T's so i'am sharing this with you all. May this all help you to fellowship new Investigators  in your Branch.

Other than that we have a new BML in our Branch. He is awesome guy with awesome family.We are looking forward to work with him and give our best to this Branch.

President Henry B. Eyring said,
     "You hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can imagine."

Love, Elder Shrestha

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