Thursday, January 19, 2017

See Others As They May Become - November 7, 2016

Last week was fully Awesome. Me and my companion are learning new things from each other  and praying for our area and Investigators.  
In last training our President focused on one of the President Monson's talk 
"See others as they may become"

 As I came back and was pondering about the talk from President Thomas S. Monson . I had a idea to talk about in Zone training. Before  we Introduced about the talk of President Monson  I  talked about :  

                  1. See your self as you may become.
  Have a vision for your self , what better person that you can become OR better missionary you can become and work for it Practice , prepare and pray for that.

                    2. See your companion as they may become.
Love your companion and we each person are different and even when some times we feel hard to adjust with our companion or If you are feeling same way see what better they can become as you help them and go for it.

                     3. See others as they may Become
As we see our self and our companion and be united in one purpose then  only we  can see others as they may become and when we see , we can do our best to help them receive the restored gospel.

We have also asked the missionaries in our Zone to have a missionary fireside in the month of December.
 and In our ward we have already talked with our WML and Bishop and we are having a Missionary fireside this coming Sunday. We are very happy for the support of our ward for us.

We are determined to work hard and find families in this coming week.

This week we found 2 families one as we were walking back cause one of our appointment got bunked and I suddenly took right left from the straight road and said to my companion what do you think this way for door knocking. He replied lets do it  and so as I was looking the houses there my eye caught a door where I could see  the word Zion on the door it was some Scripture from psalms  so we went and knocked on the door and they invited us in and as we talked with them we came to know that they have their own church some where of their grandfather , but they were very humble with us and listened our message of Restoration and invited them to read and pray about Book of Mormon.

The next time also our appointment was again bunked and as we were walking one old  drunk guy whom we shook hand before 3 weeks met us and asked us to come and pray at his home as we went to his home his relative said us to go as he was drunk and one young guy  came from other door and said us that we can come to pray at his door and as we went and talked with them we found out that he is a childhood best friend of one of our YSA and he has 2 sisters  and had came to our church for one activity 2 years back. They are very happy to meet with us and they have a great faith in Christ.

We are very happy to see Lord's hand in our area and will strive our best to help the children of Lord.

Elder Shrestha

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