Thursday, January 19, 2017

A New Year - January 16, 2016

 This week started with 3 days long exchange with Elder Alaguretnam  from KGF and ended up being with Elder Raju and my companion as a Trio as his companion got measles.

As this week one of our area Lingarajapuram currently do not have Elders due to lack of missionaries in our Mission. So we  were Invited to one birthday party by a member of Lingarajapuram so that we could go and present about our church. We showed a one minute video about our church and then Explained about the Restoration and then presented Articles of Faith. The people who came there had already met with missionaries before and as I inter-acted with them they did not seems to be interested. But i still think the Lord is able to do all things . 

 Later President  also asked us to look after both ares ( Indiranagar and Lingarajapuram )  So from now on we are taking care of two areas

This week we were able to find a family . Actually me and my companion planned that day we would find a family any how at any cost so we went out door knocking as our last resort. We did not find any family that day but we found a new investigator and a potential investigator family who later gave us appointment and were ready to listen to us. This was the witness for us of 'Faith to cause things to happen'

Elder Shrestha

Sometimes I prepare lunch for my companion and me. 

                                             Elder Alaguratnam just loves my cooking.

Sometimes Elder Katiki and I just enjoy a burger for lunch.

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