Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Transfer to Bangalore - August 1, 2016


This week we had two Baptisms.Actually we had planned for Three Baptisms but one of two brothers is suffering from chicken pox. The elder brother had chicken pox first so the baptism for both was postponed from last week to this week but this week younger brother is suffering from from chicken pox.
So this week we baptised Elder Brother only , But for younger brother we have planned to baptised him next week. He already had his baptism Interview and his records filled so we have to only wait for him to get healthy.

The both baptism candidate asked me to perform Baptism so i was blessed to give them Baptism and welcome them to the kingdom of Lord. 

I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and the Topic of my talk was "Every member is a missionary' . I was glad to speak on this inspired topic which can help member.

Well I am GOING to Banglore tomorrow  I am sad to leave this area since it is my first area but i'm also expecting to see and work in new area and meet new people and have new experiences on my mission.


Elder Shrestha

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