Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sister Kalpana Arrives & a New Companion for Me - October 31, 2016

Hello Every one 
This last week was awesome. I was able to welcome and meet Sister Shrestha in India Banglore mission. I met her in mission home  and she flew to Viasak same day with her companion in her first area on her mission. I am totally Excited to have have her here.

Now every one has two questions for me.. 
1 . Are you related to any previous Elder Shrestha's.
2 . Is Sister Shrestha your sister.

And I tell all 'yes ' she is my sister from Nepal .

other that  that I have a new companion , He is Elder Peter from New  delhi .

We are enjoying together.

My new companion - Elder Peter

The latest Nepali missionary - Sister Kalpana Shrestha.

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