Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Lord Helps His Missionaries - October 17, 2016

This week was lot of hard work and fun.

At the beginning of this week (Monday)we met with Prabhu.
Tuesday we had a wonder full District meeting with our district leader. We could tell he did his best to prepare for the district meeting and it was Awesome.

We had a Exchange this week with Ramamurty nagar where Elder Chellapilli came here with me and Elder Tuscano went there.
During exchange our all planned appointment for the day was Bunked so I was disappointed at first so I immediately moved to back up plan of finding people and we wrote our names on' ITL' cards and went for finding, It was not that successful. But still that day as we visited a less-active and was able to share a message with him and as the brother did not use to allow us to teach, but that day I don't know why he allowed us and while sharing a message of restoration he asked Elder Chellipilli to explain in Telagu Because he cannot understand all English. I felt very happy and knew the exchange was inspired by lord to help that less active bother .

Sunday we met with two Investigators who were taught by old missionaries 4 months ago. And we shared the message of restoration and he seems to be searching the true church after he left their previous congregation  .We are very happy to meet with them and we know he will know this Gospel is true as he will prey to our heavenly father.

Yesterday as we were walking back (one appointment got bunked) and we were discussing about one less active brother and our Investigator shouted my name and we looked back, he said he called us many times. we talked for a while as he had some work so we left. We again continued our talk and walked ahead for a while and one brother in a bike from back honked at us and said some one is calling to you guys we turned back and there was no one known face and one of our less active brother was running towards us and he asked us to come his home.As we went to his home he said It was the holy spirit that he saw us and said how much he wanted to come to church in the morning but could not come to Church because he felt asleep. he joyfully asked us to have dinner there and he also asked us to share a message by himself. He said he was very happy because he saw us and met us and fed us a delicious Beef curry with rice. And we thought Lord helped us for that appointment.

But we also realized that how much deep we discuss about people, that even we don't get distracted even if someone calls us.

We are assigned to speak in Sacrament meeting this Sunday And I am assigned to speak about Plan Of Salvation.

We are trying our best in this area. We are discussing every time what does the lord want in this area and praying for a miracle.

Elder Shrestha

There are occasionally
hard days for each of
us.  Do not despair.  Do
     not give up.

Look for the sunlight
through the clouds.
Opportunities will
eventually open to you.

Do not let the prophets
of gloom endanger
your possibilities.
          Gordon B. Hinckley

will come as we
to learn.
         Russell M. Nelson

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