Thursday, January 19, 2017

Light the World - December 2016


  • We as a mission are showing the  #LIGHT THE WORLD video  and are introducing  25 days 25 Christ like act calendar to all our members and investigators . I Personally and as a zone think it is a revelation from Lord to as we see the smile in the people's face watching and hearing this simple message.
Me and my companion are finding Joy in this special season sharing the message of Christmas.This week mas more of working together with my new companion and uniting with him. This Sunday one of our oldest investigator 'Reggi" came and visited church. He is from Jehovah witness ministry background but left it long back. One thing I felt very Bad when I heard about his family which consist of him and his wife only - no children because in their ministry they could not have any children. our Heavenly Father's great plan most important unit is family.
And ' Kartik also came to church for the first time who is from Hindu background. How ever We missed Pradeep our most progressing Investigator at church yesterday.

We are sharing this message with members using various scriptures like from 3 Nephi 12, The parable from Matthew of " If ye do unto other's ye do unto me" , Moroni. and to other people by explaining about this 25 days calendar.

I invite all of you to follow the Christmas calendar Advent and find Joy in Christ.

Elder Shrestha

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