Thursday, January 19, 2017

Missionary Work with Elder Raju and Elder Chellipillai - Nov. 28, 2016


We had a Pretty decent  week where we held a Exchange with our district leader's. First with  Elder Raju  some of the things  I learned from his is to re-teach the first lesson of Restoration with our  investigator again, even if they have small question in any thing.
After While with Elder Chellipillai  I took him to our new area where i also had been once only I wanted to see that  area  and track the possibilities of finding  family in that  area but turned out to be a total Hindu families and less  English speaking area but still we found a sister with a family  taught her God head.  Same area we have a member family  who has a 9 year old daughter but still not baptized , we asked the father why she is not Baptiste till now and the father replied she is too child to be baptized and strictly said to her after 3-4 years  only after we shared a message about  The Plan Of Salvation and we figured the 9 year old daughter is know more about Gospel than any of the family member. We felt very sad and have planned to visit  the family and again share all first five lessons and Re-kindled their faith. While returning we hit traffic  for one hour. I learned to share personal experience in testimony  about our Savior.

Yesterday We had a missionary fireside  and presented the presentation of Light the World. and handed out the printed sheet of 25 days Christ like act and finally we introduced the Social media idea where member will use their Face book and post the Christmas video and interested  people will reply for  it. and the present members reacted very well and we had support from the members also. WE have not received any Referral from members but  We are positive about this idea but we definitely also need to keep that fire burning in members.

Elder Shrestha

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