Thursday, January 19, 2017

Birthday for Joshua - January 16, 2017

We helped Joshua celebrate his birthday.

We presented the Articles of Faith. Brother George spoke after that.

A New Year - January 16, 2016

 This week started with 3 days long exchange with Elder Alaguretnam  from KGF and ended up being with Elder Raju and my companion as a Trio as his companion got measles.

As this week one of our area Lingarajapuram currently do not have Elders due to lack of missionaries in our Mission. So we  were Invited to one birthday party by a member of Lingarajapuram so that we could go and present about our church. We showed a one minute video about our church and then Explained about the Restoration and then presented Articles of Faith. The people who came there had already met with missionaries before and as I inter-acted with them they did not seems to be interested. But i still think the Lord is able to do all things . 

 Later President  also asked us to look after both ares ( Indiranagar and Lingarajapuram )  So from now on we are taking care of two areas

This week we were able to find a family . Actually me and my companion planned that day we would find a family any how at any cost so we went out door knocking as our last resort. We did not find any family that day but we found a new investigator and a potential investigator family who later gave us appointment and were ready to listen to us. This was the witness for us of 'Faith to cause things to happen'

Elder Shrestha

Sometimes I prepare lunch for my companion and me. 

                                             Elder Alaguratnam just loves my cooking.

Sometimes Elder Katiki and I just enjoy a burger for lunch.

Christmas 2016

This is the wonderful Anthony family.  From the left is Terrance, Elder Katiki, Brother Anthony (father), Sister Anthony (mother), George, me, David.

More Christmas Pictures - December 2016

Ward Christmas Decorations
My missionary apartment.
My ward building at Christmas.

Christmas tree in our ward.

Merry Christmas 2016


All missionaries are sharing the message of #Light the world#  in various ways. One of the ones that I love sharing this message is: 
     I ask people how they celebrate Christmas and almost all give the same answer as buying new clothes, fine dinner and receiving Gifts. Then I ask the do you want to know how we can celebrate Christmas in a Better way? Every one says  YES. Then we introduce Light The world message. All agrees that this is the better way of celebrating Christmas and are happy when they hear this message.

Our baptism candidate whose baptism was cancelled last time is suffering from some kind of ear infection so we are not able to visit him.
Also he is not feeling comfortable to invite us to his home because of his parents.
Despite of his sickness he showed at church yesterday, He looked very sick and weak. I was amazed by his willingness to come to church and partake of the sacrament.

In this special season of Christmas I would like to bear my testimony of the birth of our Savior . I know that Our Heavenly father loves us so he sent his only begotten son to this world so that we all children of Heavenly Father can return and live with him some day. I know that the Savior came to this world to redeem us from our sins, and he did his job perfectly. I know he bleed and died for us and I know he lives now .

Let the Joy of Christmas be in all of our hearts and feel the spirit of this special season.

Isaiah 9:6
For unto us child is bornunto us son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, CounsellorThe mighty GodThe everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Elder Shrestha.

Light the World - December 2016


  • We as a mission are showing the  #LIGHT THE WORLD video  and are introducing  25 days 25 Christ like act calendar to all our members and investigators . I Personally and as a zone think it is a revelation from Lord to as we see the smile in the people's face watching and hearing this simple message.
Me and my companion are finding Joy in this special season sharing the message of Christmas.This week mas more of working together with my new companion and uniting with him. This Sunday one of our oldest investigator 'Reggi" came and visited church. He is from Jehovah witness ministry background but left it long back. One thing I felt very Bad when I heard about his family which consist of him and his wife only - no children because in their ministry they could not have any children. our Heavenly Father's great plan most important unit is family.
And ' Kartik also came to church for the first time who is from Hindu background. How ever We missed Pradeep our most progressing Investigator at church yesterday.

We are sharing this message with members using various scriptures like from 3 Nephi 12, The parable from Matthew of " If ye do unto other's ye do unto me" , Moroni. and to other people by explaining about this 25 days calendar.

I invite all of you to follow the Christmas calendar Advent and find Joy in Christ.

Elder Shrestha

December photos - December, 2016