Saturday, January 20, 2018

Goodbye to the Best 2 Years of My Life - December, 2017

Hello Everyone,
    As I have come to the End of the mission, I am blessed to be a part of the #Light The World  Campaign and share the Light of Jesus Christ with other people here in India. I am grateful to feel how the Light The World campaign has Deeply enlightened me and have brought a joy in my Life and in the life of the people I met.

  I was unable to share my returning  flight time to Nepal due to some conflict in flight's.
But now it is confirmed that I will be returning to Nepal on 19th Dec ( Coming Tuesday) 12:30 PM.
 I am excited to return home with family and friends and look to forward to meeting most of you on Saturday at church.

Elder Shrestha 
I have met a lot of great people here in India. I have worked diligently.  It will be hard to say good-bye. 

My last zone conference with President Fred M. Mortensen and Sister Shauna Mortensen.
Mission companions have become my friends.

We are brothers in the Gospel.

The Light the World campaign banner is in front of the church.
But back to Nepal I will go.  I will be happy to see my family & friends again and serve the branch in my country.

Post Script:
It has been an honor to keep this book of Elder Shrestha's mission.  He is one of the sincerest and kindest and most faithful men we know.  Elder Shrestha has a way of making people feel accepted and loved.  We are sure this was a special gift from his Heavenly Father to him so that he could use it to share the gospel with others.  It is time now for him to return to Nepal and continue serving the Lord in whatever capacity is needed.  We pray that he will stay true to principles that he taught diligently in the India Bangalore mission.  We truly love the man he has become along with his entire family.  We plan to continue keeping in touch with him as we watch how he continues to influence the world for good.  Best of luck always.  

Thanks, Krischal, for sharing your  mission with us.  You certainly did "Return with Honor."
Brother and Sister Valentine

Book of Mormon Videos - November 27, 2017

Hello Everyone,
 It has been a wonderful experience past few weeks.
Let me tell you some things,

 We missionaries here in Bangalore got a chance to participate in Book of Mormon Videos feedback program.
So for you information we will soon have Book of Mormon videos like of Bible.
The team came to show us some of the clips of the video which contained the 1st to 12th chapter of Book of Mormon, and took our feedback.

Now I am in a Tri-Compaionship with two other Elder's here in KGF.
My previous companion was Elder Sampath from Eroad, Elder Danied is also with It's Three-sum now.

Elder Nepali is here in India Bangalore Mission.
He is in Hyderabad, westmaradpalli 3rd ward. I spoke with him once, He is doing okay.

Sister Shrestha is in Rajahmundry. The place where I started my mission.

Elder Shrestha.

With Alex at Stake Conference.

Visiting with Sister Ranjini and Sister Naina after stake conference.

Zone Conference Photo - November 20, 2017

Another Baptism in the Branch - November 6, 2017

  The following pictures are of Sister Radha Being Baptized by her Brother Senthil who was baptised just a month ago.
Brother Senthil is such an example for his sister and knows the plan of our Heavenly father for his family.
We are blessed to witness this Baptism.

Elder Shrestha

Pictures from October, 2017 

After general conference
At Bethmangala with members, Thivisha on the leftt and Vincent Babu in the middle.

Branch President and Family - September 18, 2017

We celebrated Tinku's, Branch president youngest son, birthday at his home.

Bangalore Zone Photo - September 4, 2017