Monday, February 15, 2016

Called to Serve - December, 2015

Krishchal Shrestha was called to India Bangalore Mission.  He is the second missionary in his family to serve.  He left for the Philippines MTC in December, 2015.

Elder Shrestha belongs to a strong family, mother and father, and brother, Nick.  They are supporting and encouraging him.  Elder Shrestha has a warm personality that will serve him well while teaching others the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He not only can teach others, but he will be able to touch hearts and souls with his musical talent.  The India Bangalore Mission is so fortunate to have such a valiant soul as Elder Krishchal Shrestha.  His Mission President is President Fred M. Mortensen.  His wife Sister Shauna A. Mortensen will serve with her husband.

It is our privilege as Elder Shrestha's friends to compile this book of his mission thoughts, emails and photos from what will be "the best 2 years of his life."  This is our gift to him for being such a strong influence for Christ-like good in our lives.  With love, Jim and Chris Valentine