Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dowleswaram and Bicycles - January 24, 2016

Hello Everyone
How  are  you all?
I hope  all is well with you?
Well  it’s a beautiful day here in Dowleswaram. Today I eat DOSA for the first time  for breakfast . It was  quite good.
My week was  very good.
I am having fun with my companion and apartment mates.
I used to ride regular  bicycle previous week but this week I’ am riding a Big bicycle (HERO bicycle).
Well it’s fun. People look at us all the time. Two boys, one American &one who look-like from east India wearing white shirt tie , pant & helmet on Bicycles.
People say Hey Dude all the time to my companion as he is White Guy and kids wave their hand to him.
 But  now, people look me in that way too
Because I’m riding Big bicycle in white shirt and Tie with Helmet.
One  day, we were late to our apartment so we were peddling bicycle very fat in our apartment in Flyover.
Suddenly one guy passed us with his motorcycle ,he was acting as if he was paddling his motorcycle & acted as he won the RACE  with.
That was funny. Me and my companion were at each other.

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