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Cell Phones and Missionaries and Communication
February 15, 2016

Good afternoon everyone.
How are you all ? I hope every had a great week.Thank you all for your emails. I love reading your emails.
Happy valentine’s day to all of you.
I'm sorry I should have wished earlier. I hope you all had a great time.

This week went very fast.
Our cell-phone have many numbers of Investigators which we don’t kno . like
I prasun or I Ravi   (I stands for Investigator)
Pi prasun or PI Ravi (PI stands for potential Investigator)
So we called every 1 from our phone hoping to find any Investigators. We called over people.
Most of their numbers are dead. People are not interested at all. People don’t live in our area OR most  of them can’t understand English.
Well we could  not find a single Investigator from our list.
Anyway the funny  part is when we called people and they only understands telegu, our conversation would be like this

Missionaries = Hello ! Is this brother Prasun
Investigator =  Speaks random things in Telegu 
Missionaries = Brothe TElagu radhu ( NO telegu)  Only English
Investigators= again speaks ramdon in Telegu
Missionaries =Brother we are Elders  from church.You have already met with Missionaries  before  right?
Investigators= ONCE again speaks ramdon in Telegu
Missionaries = brother we’ll call you back  tomorrow .
Investigators= ok ok ok

They don’t understand anything we say in English 
But only understands that we’ll call them tomorrow. 
So they  say ok ok   for that
ME and my companion repeat those  conversation n laugh at ourselves.

Bye for now,
Love you   all
Elder Shrestha

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