Monday, July 18, 2016

Lots of Hard Work and Door Knocking - July 4, 2016

Good morning 

This week we did lots of door-knocking in our area, shared the message of restoration with them but we could not find many people to count as investigators as they were not interested so much. But I am still happy for our hard work.

While we were door-knocking this week, we knocked at one house.  One lady came (she was christian) and as I said who we were and what we do, she seemed really angry with us. She said "do this thing in another home.  It is not OKAY to be in my home. She went inside.
We moved on to the next home which was a Hindu home and there was also one lady but she could not understand English.  We were not able to have a conversation with her so we left and turned back.   As we were about to go to the next home, the first angry lady we had met earlier came out of her home and smiled and said in polite way "If you want to do this kind of work, you have to first know the language."  I did not explain to her why we do not learn the language. Anyway I was happy because her anger changed into a cheery smile because she was watching our hard work.

Well if I have not said this thing before, I will now.  My Companion is super slow. He is slow in every thing and that means he is also a Super slow eater .
Whenever we have a meal appointment  at a member's or Investigator's home, I can eat four plates of food while he is still not done with his one plate.  By the time I am finished with my first plate and I take my second plate, I am very full.  But members try to feed me more as they see that I am out of food and my companion is still eating. Nowadays I have a better Idea.  I also eat super slow so I do not have to eat so much and I can escape over eating. I am now more like my companion, and I eat SUPER SLOW.

We met our new mission President last week. They are  the Mortensens from the USA.


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